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Leadership for Today Coaching: A Space of Transformation

“Leadership is a full-body experience - not just a cognitive process.”

Linda’s coaching process is all about intentional practices to help you come from a grounded and centered place within and lead in an uncertain world.

Her whole-person coaching method is informed by her decades of experience working with leaders as well as her PhD research in Human and Organizational Systems, Master certification in Somatic Coaching, certification in coaching for meaning with Newfield Network, Pilates teacher certification and research with the Neuroleadership Institute.

This encompasses the human-centric skills of flexibility, resilience, empathy and self-awareness. It seems counterintuitive, but the only way to stay on the expanding edge of leadership is to find your internal place of center and keep your feet firmly on the ground and lead from a full-bodied place.

 Leadership is a way of being. In our changing world, leaders need to integrate these human – centric skills into who they are and how they operate. Through Linda’s unique methodology and tailored practices, you can develop these attributes as inner resources to tap no matter what’s going on around you. They will ultimately come to be anchored in your being, part of who you are, the key to your ability to stay centered while leading yourself and others through change.

For Individuals

Some clients come to me because they want to reimagine all their views on leadership. Others feel like certain habits are hindering their progress, and they want new tools and guidance to move past them.

There is a consensus that the personalized attention and mastery of a seasoned coach can be the key to acquiring new outlooks and practices that can be fully embodied and carried into a more expansive future.

Take Your Leadership to the Next Level

Yesterday’s leadership strategies won’t get you far in tomorrow’s world. The leaders of the future will be adaptable and proactive. Comfortable with ambiguity and laser focused on what truly matters, they’ll be in touch with their core in a way that allows them to exude confidence, authenticity and executive presence with every decision.

Individual coaching
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Make the changes necessary to steer yourself and your organization towards a new level of achievement
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Master the art of nurturing others’ growth and collective excellence
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Cultivate flexibility by broadening your worldview and enhancing your tolerance for challenges
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Make the changes necessary to steer yourself and your organization towards a new level of achievement

Approach to Coaching: Through incisive questions and deep listening, I propose tailored practices designed to help leaders build on their strengths, cultivate better essential habits, and expand their knowledge – all keys to staying at the forefront of leadership.

For Organizations

Group Coaching:

I facilitate group coaching sessions in a distinctive “fireside chat” format. Engaging, collaborative and informal, these sessions address the pressing challenges leaders face, as well as the need to cultivate empathy, clarity and lifelong learning.
Understanding how to honestly discuss difficult problems and embody genuine concern has been transformative for many of my clients.

Complex Times:

So much is demanded of leaders today. They need to know how to reshape work, bridge the digital and human realms, develop inclusive cultures, and inspire innovation, plus achieve financial results – all while ensuring a sense of continuity, no matter how chaotic the world around them. That stability can only come from a place of center. A leader who is grounded will draw out collaboration and resilience in others, all to the benefit of the organization. As your coach, I can set that virtuous cycle in motion today.

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