Meet Linda Watkins

As a master executive coach, I help leaders become future-ready in a changing world by helping them grow, meet challenges, and sometimes transform their leadership, work and life. Leaders then can build the foundation to transform their organization.

I love what I do and am passionate about helping individuals and leaders realize their aspirations and speak and act from their best selves. The new capacities required of leaders today are challenging, and best developed with a creative coach with wisdom, experience, and education. A coach who has spent her career working with innovative programs, people and leaders!

I help leaders from business, government and community accomplish what they want in their work, life and world. In my coaching, we apply the best of neuroscience, social science and embodied leadership. It is deeply insightful and focused on action and results. I think of it as handcrafted for each individual.

Linda Watkins

“Over my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a range of leadership coaches in myriad ways, which I found only moderately useful, until I worked with Linda. What makes Linda unique is the diverse skills and tools at her disposal. Many coaches apply a handful of methods. Linda’s “toolkit” is such that she can access specific tools for specific circumstances. I also appreciate that she is on the cutting edge of the leadership field and brings in new and innovative tools to her practice.”

As a person, I live and work by the same principles I employ in coaching others. I use personal practices to change and also to come back to center when thrown off by life’s surprises. I study neuroscience and social science to improve my capacity to help others. Some might call me a curator of developmental or transformational experiences for my clients. I understand that they want expertise that is tailored to them because they are time-challenged and skillful in their own right.

By nature, I’m curious and devoted to learning new and more effective practices. This curiosity allows me to assist clients in finding creative solutions to difficult problems. Using my intuition and insight, I help them explore what they want in inventive ways.

All sessions focus on doing what works and developing the essential body-based intelligence to change and even transform.

My approach integrates years of coaching individuals and leaders, of consulting and teaching.

About Linda Watkins

Degrees and Certifications

  • PhD in Human and Organizational Systems
  • Master of Somatic Coaching Certification from Strossi Institute
  • Certified Ontological Coach certificate from Newfield Network
  • MA Organizational Development
  • BA Sociology

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