Meet Linda Watkins, Master Coach Helping Develop Leadership for Today’s Times

Knowledgeable. Innovative. Creative. Intuitive.

These are words clients use to describe Linda Watkins, a master coach with decades of experience helping leaders change behavior and adapt to a complex world that is redefining efficiency and demanding models that are more human-centric than ever before.

Linda’s promise is simple: Her unique combination of expertise, intuition and passion can help any leader conquer personal and professional challenges, embrace transformation, and unlock their fullest potential.
With this personal growth, these same leaders can go on to transform their organizations.

What’s unique about Linda’s approach is that it is grounded in science and theory, but implemented through targeted practices that allow leaders to go beyond cognitive processes to truly embody their leadership. After a while, leadership becomes a way of being that is reflected in every action taken, every word spoken. It becomes second nature

Linda Watkins

“Over my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a range of leadership coaches in myriad ways, which I found only moderately useful, until I worked with Linda. What makes Linda unique is the diverse skills and tools at her disposal. Many coaches apply a handful of methods. Linda’s “toolkit” is such that she can access specific tools for specific circumstances. I also appreciate that she is on the cutting edge of the leadership field and brings in new and innovative tools to her practice.”

Laser-focused on practical exercises that yield actionable results, Linda’s methodology is a tapestry woven with threads of neuroscience and social science, incorporating all the innovative programs she has developed, all the people who have inspired her, all the clients whose lives she has helped transform.

She imparts “how” to change and develop in the most effective and useful ways! She helps leaders to lead from a grounded core and to communicate and act as their best selves. In today’s complex world, where leaders are called to wield a new set of skills, Linda’s role as a creative coach, deepened with wisdom, experience, and education, proves indispensable.

Drawing from a long career marked by innovative programs, inspiring individuals, and transformative leadership, Linda’s ability spans across diverse sectors, from business and government to community engagement. Her coaching methodology is a tapestry woven with threads of neuroscience, social science, and embodied leadership, resulting in profound insights and actionable results. Partnering with clients, Linda crafts a personalized experience for each client, meticulously tailored to their unique journey.

Endlessly curious and committed to honing her skills, Linda’s desire for client’s success empowers clients to uncover ingenious solutions to the most complex dilemmas. Armed with intuition and insight, she leads clients on explorations of their desires. Every session is rooted in tangible results and the cultivation of body-based intelligence that fuels change.

Linda’s approach seamlessly melds years of coaching, consulting, and teaching, a fusion that creates a transformative cocoon for growth.

woman leader speaking

Degrees and Certifications

  • PhD in Human and Organizational Systems
  • Master of Somatic Coaching Certification from Strossi Institute
  • Certified Ontological Coach certificate from Newfield Network
  • MA Organizational Development
  • BA Sociology

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