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I thought you might like to see and read my whitepapers and Brainz articles. All on subjects that deal with future leadership! Included is a short questionnaire on growth mindset to assess yourself – the future and future success requires a growth mindset. As time goes on more and more will be added to this page.

White Paper: Leadership at the Edge of Business

White Paper: The Future Business Edge – Leading Through Complexity

Growth Mindset Assessment: Simply download and check!

The Woman Leader

I have been involved with empowering women through coaching, organizing women’s conferences and events big and small and campaigning for women candidates throughout my career. The women’s page included here shows a bit about my philosophy and ways I work with women.

Quick Takes & Tips Newsletter

Simple, easy ways to gain the wisdom of your body and improve your leadership. Written by a PhD, Master Coach.

Brainz Magazine Articles by Linda Watkins

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