Specially for the Woman Leader

Are you tired of talking about overwhelm and how busy you are? I’ve been there too!

A few years ago, I had to take myself in hand and banish the word overwhelm from my vocabulary. It had become a crutch. I had to decide I wanted something different for myself.

Like many women, you may feel exhausted trying to keep up with your life. You may feel like you need to be all things to all people all the time. If this sounds familiar and you are ready for something different, contact me.

If you fit any of the descriptions below, then contact me. I can help you transform your leadership, your work and your life to get what you want.

Women Leadership Coaching

Women are branching out and stepping into leadership like never before. If you’re reading this and identify with one of the descriptions below, it’s probably your time too.

Do you dream about having time to focus on yourself and feel like you’re getting ahead, getting what you want? Do you care about how you show up in the world?

Are you at a stage in life where you’re ready to flourish, to do what you’ve always wanted to do, to create what you’ve longed to create, but you can’t find the path (or maybe the time/energy) to get there?

Are you part of the gig economy or working from home, actively looking for more creative approaches and needing personal, meaningful connections and less political avenues to what you want?

Perhaps you enjoy your current position but feel like having a more commanding presence or self-confidence would help you develop further. Or maybe you aim to become a powerful and skillful leader, happy in your work and personal life, but don’t know where to start.

Many women in these situations feel like executive coaching is something other women do, those who easily spend time and money on themselves. But the truth is it’s more common than ever before, and more necessary.

With all the changes taking place in the business world, women are better positioned to possess and demonstrate the capacities necessary for success. Being human-centered, empathetic, resourceful and resilient are strengths of many women that too often remain underdeveloped.

It’s easier to develop and recognize these strengths with someone in your corner. Someone with whom you can relax and consider options. Someone with knowledge and experience who can ask the right questions, share simple practices, and totally focus on getting you on the path to a new kind of success.

Beyond Desired Results
Personal Connection

I understand the support, encouragement and knowledge women need to get ahead because these are my own issues and experiences. For many years, I’ve been coaching successful women and helping them find their powerful center so they can move forward with power, grace and skill.

LInda Watkins Coaches Women

Linda has been championing and supporting women for many years.

She organized the first Women in Management conference in her state, which grew from a small number to over 500 attendees in five years.

She sits on the design committee for the yearly UCI Paul Merage signature women’s leadership conference as well as Executive Next Practices women’s events.

Linda’s unique background gives her the capability to help with a mix of professional and personal development.

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