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What I do

I help leaders transform their leadership, their work, and often their lives. I help them expand their flexibility, find their unique personal balance and discover the empathetic, innovative way of leading that is required in today’s world. My clients, rise to meet new occasions, lead through uncertainty and successfully develop others.

Leadership is evolving as the world evolves and we live in challenging times. Faced with unprecedented uncertainty and disruption, leaders are being asked to do more faster, to develop new skills, and to change habits and behaviors that no longer serve them, all while developing their employees and teams. The successful leaders of the future will embody leadership and executive presence through their words, actions and steady service to a more successful, balanced, innovative organization. Great leaders never stop learning!

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Coaching that strengthens the core while expanding the edge

I SUPPORT LEADERS who are prepared to travel a new path and become skilled at a new way of being . This involves:

  • Transforming their organizational culture
  • Building networks and expanding their organizational ecosystems
  • Making creative decisions
  • Acquiring more comprehensive skills
  • Developing themselves, their team and others
  • Doing what they love and finding a more fulfilling purpose

These are all prerequisites for leadership success. And even if they weren’t, who doesn’t want to find ways to make good decisions, feel fulfilled, help others grow, and do what they love and love what they do?

Challenge is the Catalyst for Leadership!

– Kouzes & Posner

The Benefits of Coaching

We all need friends, colleagues, mentors and, ideally, an innovative coach to care about us, listen to us and challenge us.

As an executive and master coach, my work is based on years of experience, insightful questions, useful practices and skillful reflection to support you in coming from your power and living your highest aspirations and deepest values.
I can help you build the personal leadership “infrastructure” you need to start on a new path toward learning, thriving, and embodying your leadership.

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