Are you confused about coaching? When you need the personal attention and focus from a qualified individual, coaching is often the solution to the need. There seems to be so many types, performance coaching, life coaching, business coaching, career coaching, leadership coaching and executive coaching and this list may not be exhaustive. So how does executive coaching differ from the rest when it may include a little of all the others?
While all coaching is a complex process, a simple basic description of each category can help. Performance coaching focuses on goal setting, development planning and accountability. Life coaching focuses on one’s personal life and individual purpose. Business coaching focuses on business development. Career coaching is involved with resumes, interviewing, career planning and personal passion or mission. While leadership coaching is often interchanged with executive coaching, the focus is usually on leadership development and can apply to any level of the organization.
An executive coach works with individual executives or often high potential employees to help them clarify goals, gain self and leadership awareness, act as a sounding board for difficult decisions and develop leadership goals and objectives. In a confidential and supportive setting, executive coaches help provide clarity, challenge assumptions, support new behavior and integrate career or organizational goals and objectives.
Executive coaches can be hired by the individuals themselves or by organizations. Organizations often hire executive coaches to “fix” problem executives but this is changing as companies realize the value of investing in their executives and high potentials. All coaching and especially executive coaching only works when clients realize they need or want the coaching and want to change in some way. Perhaps they need someone to ask the right questions, illuminate blind spots or hold them accountable for the desired change.

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