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Individual leadership coaching for those who are ready to grow and develop.

Whether you want to revamp your leadership to meet the challenges of today’s world, or to change a few behaviors and habits that no longer serve you, individual coaching can help. The personalized attention, tools and experience of a master coach can allow you to become generally more strategic and refine your focus to build a flexible leadership infrastructure suited to today’s needs. You will be able to expand your level of tolerance for disruption and uncertainty while building capacity for the crucial human capabilities of resilience, empathy and agility.

The successful leaders of the future will be flexible, active, comfortable, and able to focus on what matters. They will be decisive in a climate of uncertainty. To embody leadership and executive presence, they will embrace their whole being and express their authenticity. They will know how to:

  • Be strategic and recognize what needs to change and what needs to stay stable.
  • Develop others more successfully.
  • Gain flexibility by expanding their world view and window of tolerance.
  • Find time for self-care.

My coaching provides a mix of insightful questions, deep listening and unique, individualized practices to build the habits, strengths and knowledge that will keep you on the expanding edge of leadership.

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Our Approach to Coaching
Better Leadership

Many organizations are talking about revamping their leadership development. The world is rapidly changing and new competencies are needed every day to be future-ready. Coaching needs to be part of the solution.

Linda does group coaching in a unique fireside chat format, informal, collaborative, engaging. The future we face is not a “do it yourself” endeavor and leaders need to be comfortable discussing wicked problems and tough issues. Leadership today demands expressing one’s whole being and having a coherent strategy, clarity of communication, compassion and empathy within a context of generative or life-long learning. 

Leaders are being called upon to:

  • Lead the reinvention of work, workforces and workplaces.
  • Spearhead the development of an integrated digital/human business model and organization design.
  • Foster an organizational culture of social responsibility, respect for difference and individual humanity.
  • Build a more conscious, engaged and innovative workforce.
  • Resolve paradox – i.e. create safety in a climate of chaos, taking bold action in an age of uncertainty.

All of this will require creativity, resilience, more skill at collaboration and a different mindset than in the past. Coaching is a perfect place to start. Ask Linda about her unique approach to become future-ready!


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Words most often used to describe Linda’s strengths are “curious, insightful, straightforward, and has just the right questions to elicit actionable answers.”
I am a partner in a large design firm. I worked with Linda for several months while we were navigating an exit strategy for the majority owner. Linda is not only an amazing listener; she also asks smart, thought provoking questions. Her coaching and encouragement were instrumental in helping me and my partners secure a buyout of our main partner. I truly value the approach to problem-solving I learned from Linda and still use her advice and methods. I highly recommend anyone stuck in their career, or looking for new creative problem-solving skills spend some time with Linda. It will be time well spend.

Christie Pettus
CDC Designs
I met Linda at a time in my career when I was undecided as to the professional direction I will take. I was facing many conflicts in my career path and needed the mentorship and direction that Linda provided. I was not expecting to learn about how much my thoughts and decisions were directed by how I felt and Linda taught me how to identify this and redirect my focus to the task at hand. She gave me simple tools that I use today to feel grounded and strong whenever I must enter a difficult meeting or conflict situation. I really valued the time Linda spent with me.

Green Quote
Smita Njeru
National Director Regulatory Compliance
Sometimes you need a trusted advisor to help work through the noise of professional and personal issues. Someone who will help isolate and prioritize what to work on. Someone who will give you practical advice on how to honor your core and embody the best that you can be. That special someone was Linda for me. Her insight and advice helped me through one of the toughest transitions in my professional life, guiding me towards my dream career amidst the turmoil of a major corporate move. Fellow working professional mothers took notice of my transformation after working with Linda, and one is already working with her with similar positive results.
Stacia Keto-Takayesu
Senior Business Analyst Capital Group

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