Leadership Mastery

Leadership Mastery

Pay Attention and Pivot

As we start into the third year of the pandemic, I don’t know about you, but I’m weary. My creativity is challenged. My search for

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challenge your perspective
Coaching Leaders

Challenge Your Perspective

As we continue to limp out of Covid, one thing is becoming clear: Many of us are reluctant to challenge our perspective. You may be

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Leadership Mastery

Agency and the Pandemic

The word agency is gaining favor and has become the new buzzword to describe having and exercising power and influence. Many felt the pandemic took

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Modern Shaman

Lead Like a Modern Shaman

My story begins as a child, sitting at the dinner table, listening to my father talk about “the bosses” and how cruel and dismissive they

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Human-centered Leadership

Three Business Books for Summer Reading

I rarely write book reviews in my blog. However, three recent books by thought leaders are worthwhile reading for anyone interested in business and leadership.

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