Leadership Resilience

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Leadership Mastery

Pay Attention and Pivot

As we start into the third year of the pandemic, I don’t know about you, but I’m weary. My creativity is challenged. My search for

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Activate Out of Covid

My friends and I have had conversations about how the isolation we felt during Covid is hard to move past. Our old schedule and community

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Leadership Mastery

Agency and the Pandemic

The word agency is gaining favor and has become the new buzzword to describe having and exercising power and influence. Many felt the pandemic took

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Leadership Mastery


For those of you who are past clients or who know me or follow me know that I am passionate about helping leaders – women

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Leadership Competencies

Deliberate Practice

K. Anders Ericsson has been doing research on expertise (read mastery) for 20 years. What he has discovered has been rewritten by Malcolm Gladwell in

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Leadership Development

Coolness Under Fire

I was just reading a research study from the Center for Talent Innovation that says it takes a 9 to 18 month program to develop

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Leadership Development

Journey of Self-Mastery for Leaders

The Journey of Self-Mastery is a journey which holds meaning, reward and the eventual absence of fear. I’m convinced the vast majority of Americans live

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