Leader as Bridge

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Living in two worlds at once is confusing. We need serious leaders to guide us as we cross the bridge between the rigid Newtonian physics world of the past and the flexible, inclusive Quantum physics world of now, and to help humanity move toward a more unified and open future. 

The Newtonian world gave humanity great progress in healthcare, industrial invention, and ways to feed burgeoning populations, for example, but it now offers decay of human, social, environmental and natural order. Quantum mechanics gives us our digital technology, innovation and successful teamwork, and serves as a web of connection which we need in order to manage the complexity we face today.

We are beginning to see that we need both the individualistic results-oriented mindset of the past and the all-encompassing mindset of the future. We need both AI and food, a focus on human psychology and money… in essence, solutions based on both, not either/or.

A single-minded devotion to one religion, political party, mindset, belief system or place in time creates division and eventually leads to decay and death. It is the story of consciousness and the biblical Garden of Eden. It is the story of wars.

Reality is a dual world. It is fixed and random at the same time. It is fixed chairs and erratic thunderstorms. It is all the atoms, particles, energy and waves contained in everything around us. It is livable climates and non-carbon means of transportation.

Leaders who can understand this bigger picture are the ones who will be able to bridge the gap, unify and integrate. Behaviors like empathy, compassion, courage and flexibility will be essential as will a clear purpose and focus.

One key to developing such leaders is to look beyond ego to unity, to realize we are all on this spaceship earth together. As life gets more and more complex, we need each other more and more.

It isn’t wrong to build one’s ego. Society will need strong egos to explain and manage the duality for others who are developing awareness. Just don’t equate dollars, a booming voice or big reputation with a strong ego. Don’t hesitate to move forward on a great new idea or innovation as long as it benefits (and doesn’t harm) employees, the earth or humanity in some way.

What if you make a mistake? None of us, including excellent leaders, are infallible. The old adage fits here: Pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Own the error and correct it as fast as you can. Missteps are avenues to growth, not dead ends.

Leaders, and all of us, need to move into the future with an open mindset geared to learning how to function and thrive in the new and uncertain Quantum world.

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