Neuroscience and Embodied Leadership

The bodyThose of us who like to be on the cutting edge of leadership development are fascinated by the current neuroscience research and the emerging field of embodied leadership. For too many centuries science and the practical world have glorified the brain and negated the body. It is as if we are a people cut off at the head. Yet it is the body that informs the brain. Our senses of sight, hearing, smell, and touch with all the subtleties of peripheral vision, proprioception, and internal body sensations and emotions tell our brain how to make sense and what to think. Neuroscience tells us that the brain gets three times more signals from the body than it gives to the body.

It is easy to just talk about the concept of body language. It has been around for many decades and it is about the visual cues we receive non-verbally when observing others. However, I’m referring to paying attention to the subtle cues our own body sends us to become more self-aware and better leaders.

Cues that foster self-confidence and leadership presence, for example! Both self-confidence and leadership presence emanate from the body. The ability to handle pressure, stress and conflict are the result of a nervous system with the ability to self- regulate. Do leaders need to know this information? Do they need to learn how to embody behaviors that are productive, efficient and effective? Yes! We live in exciting technological times where the tools are available to explore and research better ways of leading. We just need to be open to the information flowing from the research.

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